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Physicians from India in USA


Doctors from India make up the largest non-Caucasian segment of the American medical community. More than 20 Percent of foreign physicians in America are Indian origin. American Physicians of Indian-Origin (AAPI) suggests that every 7th Doctor in the United States is Indian. The workforce has been at the forefront for the medical community especially with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Most of the physicians from India are in fields on the front lines like primary care, Hospital care, General Surgery, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

A study from WHO showed  that the students with the highest academic achievement have the greatest likelihood of migrating  from India with the United states being the most common destination for emigrating doctors. One such practitioner who is distinguished in her field of Pediatric Cardiology is Dr. Khushboo Parikh. She is 1 of only 2500 specialists in the entire country. Her training in the United States included 3 years of pediatric residency and further 3 years in pediatric cardiology fellowship which is typical after Medical School. 

Dr Parikh has done a lot for the medical field from multiple publications/journals, presentations, lectures, research studies, volunteering, mentorship, and lots of other selfless things that served to help patients receive better care. None of what she had to do was easy, it was a long and challenging road to success. She believes medical training in India is excellent for learning the core physician skills. Regarding her further training, Dr. Parikh says “The United States has been at the forefront of innovation in medicine. Access to enhanced technology and quality equipment are primary reasons for migration of physicians to the United States.” 

Dr. Parikh inspires many other people with her story of how she was able to adapt to the United States.  She is currently the chair for recruitment for the Pediatric Residency program at Our Lady of Lake Children’s Hopsital Baton Rouge.  Dr. Parikh reflects “I vividly remember my own interview for the Pediatric residency from the other side of the table. The entire process is very challenging but equally rewarding.” She adds “To judge residency applicants is a difficult task, especially with the improving quality of applications year after year.” 

She encourages every medical student to spend time creating new ideas that benefit the ever-changing field of medicine. She mentions that everything she did to get to where she is tested both personally and professionally, but she is rewarded every time she positively affects a person. It has become apparent from her work she genuinely wants to help the greater good. She is a very hardworking individual who finds fulfillment in working with children.

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