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Theadina Seyfried, Business Leader and Philanthropist


Hollywood and entrepreneurship tend to attract people who have big dreams, many of which are never realized. Rising model/actress Theadina Seyfried knows the odds but chooses to ignore them. “I don’t pay attention to that,” she says. “Instead, I rely on my own hard work. I have found that if I am relentless and keep going no matter what happens, doors open. Once that door opens, I step through it, and I find another open door. That’s how I have gotten as far as I have, and I’ll keep going all the way to the finish line: being a top Hollywood actress, owning my business, and using my resources to address the issues that are important to me.”

Theadina gets her ambition and work ethic from her parents. “My father had the same ‘conquer the world’ mentality that I have. I mean, come on, the man was a decorated colonel in the Army. On top of that, he was a movie producer, a journalist, and even an archaeologist. He didn’t know the meaning of ‘give up.’ Mom was a Filipina nurse, so she was pretty incredible, too. I like to think they both contributed to who I am today: tenacious.” 

Theadina’s parents provided her with a privileged lifestyle, she admits. “My father was an excellent provider for my mother and me,” she says. “However, I took for granted what he gave me, and it wasn’t until he passed away last year that I was able to see how wrong I had been.”

The death of Theadina’s father caused her to go through an intense period of introspection. “That was really tough, and I’ll never forget it,” she says. “Anyone who loses a parent they were close to will be changed by their passing. With my father gone, I took stock of my life and wondered what I should do with it. I saw that I was surrounded by materialistic things. I wondered where happiness could be found, and I finally decided I could find fulfilment by helping others in any way I can. This, I know, would make my father happy.” 

One way she wants to impact people is through her acting. “Movies are sometimes painted as being superficial, but I disagree. Look how relaxed someone feels when they watch one. If I can bring enjoyment to someone who has had a stressful day, that will make me happy. Although, to be honest, I don’t know how relaxed they will be when they see my new movie, a horror short!” 

Theadina’s interests are diverse and include entrepreneurship. “2022 is going to be a big year for me. I am so excited about starting my new business, a skincare line,” she states. “I chose skin care because I believe it’s so important and because I want it to be more affordable for women. I plan to make something cheaper but that is still of good quality. I am going to go to South Korea to do some research and then to Africa because that is where I can get Shea butter in large amounts for the cheapest price. I at least want to have a cleanser, SPF, moisturizer, and night creams. That is what I foresee doing with my company.” 

Theadina has plans for other parts of her life as well. “I love Europe, so I see myself living in Paris. Maybe I will make that my home and travel the world from there. I see a few more films under my belt as well as me getting into French and European cinema, perhaps even a movie, short film, or independent film at the Cannes Film Festival. I will already have my skincare line, of course. I’d like to either build an orphanage or start my own nonprofit organization for young kids or girls. That is my dream. I just want to help people but also make the world a more beautiful and better place. So, the sky’s the limit. Philanthropy mixed with acting, beauty, and business.”

Theadina has learned some important life lessons through the Hollywood auditions she has been on. “That is a pressure-filled situation, definitely. Having confidence will help. It is vital that you know yourself, who you are, and the reason why you’re doing something.”

Theadina’s own answers to those questions were missing for many years. “It wasn’t until I got them that I saw what I could do with my life,” she says. “I saw the potential that I have. I want to live every moment of every day and be happy no matter what happens. I also want to pass that happiness on to other people so that they can enjoy the peace that I have found.”

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