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New York City, New York – VOW Digital Health is the first COVID-19 health app created for professionals, and it’s effecting needed change in the business world.

“Our clients are in the event, meeting, hospitality, and entertainment industries,” says Jennifer Brisman, VOW’s Founder and CEO, “so I have heard from many people about the difficulties they have had due to the quarantine and restrictions on gathering. Without the ability to hold in-person meetings or events, our clients have lost a lot of money this past year and are eager to return to normal as quickly as possible.”

To that end, VOW created VOW Digital Health, a unique app that gives employers and event organizers testing options and a sophisticated technology that will help them uphold their commitment to people’s safety. The app allows them to streamline COVID-19 health data, communicate requirements and status to attendees and employees, and access COVID-19 testing and compliance resources.

Brisman envisions the app being exactly what employers and event organizers need to get back in the black. “The command center has a customizable and automated workflow,” says Brisman. “They can  manage the COVID-19 health information of employees, customers and attendees.” The app can capture any COVID-19 health data including CDC screenings, COVID-19 test results, and vaccination records. “And, of course, we do it in a way that is both private and secure since the information that is captured is sensitive. That was one of our biggest priorities.” 

Also important was making sure that the app would be easy to use for the attendee. Directions are clear, and it is simple to take and upload a COVID-19 test. Those who have already been vaccinated are able to upload proof of this as well. Once this information is loaded, VOW Digital Health validates the test or vaccine, providing extra reassurance to employers and event organizers. 

“A huge draw is our ability to provide verifications now so that when an attendee joins an event, that person is ‘cleared,’” says Brisman. “The individual will arrive with their VOW Digital Health Pass, which shows they are okay to attend. If, however, an individual is unfortunately denied access, they can join the event virtually, and if they have any questions, they are directed to live support. We’ve got all possibilities covered.”

Ultimately, the app was made for professionals. “There are already apps that were specifically designed for just attendee access,” says Brisman. “What makes us unique – and highly needed – is that we have created the first B2B2C platform.  We are focused on employers and organizers. We have the right product they need now.

The release of VOW Digital Health comes at the perfect time. Brisman knows that the event, meeting, entertainment, and hospitality industries were severely impacted, so their ability to resume life as normal by using the app will be welcomed. This is especially true as restrictions on gatherings are eased. 

“2021 was so hard on my entire ecosystem and still is,” says Brisman. “We will all look back and marvel at all of the innovation and pivots, but not for all.  However, we are seeing an incredible amount of dealflow and bookings at venues thankfully on the rise.  Dates are filling up quickly.  We are hearing from our customers that VOW Digital Health has the potential to help accelerate bookings even further. I believe our app is going to do a lot to restore what was lost by businesses and event organizers during the pandemic.”

About VOW and VOW Digital Health:

Founded in 2018, VOW is a company dedicated to transforming the future of work for event, meeting, hospitality and entertainment professionals everywhere. VOW’s B2B2C purpose-built solution streamlines interactions between stakeholders along the event journey.  VOW Digital Health is the premier platform to manage COVID-19 digital health, facilitating and accelerating a return to the workplace and live experiences. 


Danielle Gallo, Chief Product Officer / Danielle@VOW.app

Marlee Singer, Media Relations / Marlee@VOW.app

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