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Millennium Family Practice: Serving the Community with Exceptional Care


Competence and quality care are the first things that come to mind when talking about Dr. Njideka Udochi. She focuses on empathetic and thorough treatment so that she can fully listen to her patients. “I want to respect their time and feelings, especially when they aren’t feeling well,” she says. “I want to offer the best treatment so everyone will feel more comfortable about going to the doctor. At Millennium Family Practice, Dr. Udochi has had over sixteen years of experience treating patients from all over the world.

Dr. Udochi is Millennium’s Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer. As a highly qualified care provider, her practice can treat a large range of issues. She is a highly qualified expert in medical care for children, adults, and the elderly. “I can treat a range of issues at Millennium, from primary care for HIV patients, to food allergy testing, to urgent care treatment, to physicals,” she says. “It is one reason the clinic has been so successful. We have a full range of equipment and the ability to conduct many medical tests onsite. We are able to treat many health problems that people typically encounter.” This is one of the reasons that Dr. Udochi’s clinic is so popular.

Her clinic is also well-equipped to treat patients whose first language is not English. Her staff speak twelve languages, including French, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Twi, Ibo, Yoruba, Somali, Arabic, Amharic, Ga, and English. “It’s amazing that our patients come from 114 countries,” Dr. Udochi says. “I love that! When I walk into the examination room, I never know where my patient will be from. It makes my days even more exciting than they already are.”

That enthusiasm for her job along with her skills led the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians to announce on February 17, 2021, that Dr. Udochi was the recipient of the 2021 Family Physician of the Year award. She was recognized for her exemplary service and engagement in the well-being of her patients and community. She was also honored for the compassionate, comprehensive medical service she continually provided her patients. 

Her ability to expertly treat her patients comes from her strong training. She first obtained her medical degree from the College of Medicine at the University of Nigeria in 1988. She then graduated in 1998 from the highly respected George Washington University Medical Center/Holy Cross Family Practice Residency Program. She also completed a fellowship in Geriatrics at the George Washington University Medical Center in 1999. She is an experienced HIV provider and has had Board Certification since 2004. She also carries the designation AAHIVS. Dr. Udochi is currently the President of a consortium of multi-speciality physicians who provide care to patients using a PCMH model, which ensures improved access, quality, and outcomes. 

Before opening Millennium Family Practice, Dr. Udochi was employed by Mercy Medical Center and served as the Medical Director of HCH in Baltimore City. Dr. Udochi is certified in HIV Medicine and has experience in Addiction Medicine. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and in addition has a Masters Degree in Public Health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

With such a strong background, it is not surprising that she is able to provide expert care for her patients. Her peers agree and have noticed that she uses her skills to provide dignified, respectful treatment for vulnerable patients, including those who are recovering addicts or are living with HIV.

Dr. Udochi is a highly qualified expert on a number of issues; this makes her practice one of a kind and built around the care of her patients. “When you walk into the office, we want you to feel comfortable, heard, and treated to the best of our ability.” Millenium Family Practice is so well established because of Dr. Udochi and her amazing team of health providers.

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