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Daybook: A Journal/Diary for the Internet Age


Journals or diaries are the ultimate in self-expression. Every frustration you’ve ever had, every dream you’ve ever entertained, and every experience you’ve ever wanted to remember go into your journal, to be revisited and reflected upon over the years to come. It used to be that journalers only had pen and paper to express their ideas and emotions, but a new online option has emerged: Daybook, a free app that already has over 1,000,000 people writing down their most private thoughts. With over 30,000 positive reviews rated across platforms, it is clear that the app’s creators, Bino Thomas (CEO), Gitto Niclavose (CTO), and Bitto Niclavose (COO), have tapped into a growing need people have to express themselves.

Daybook makes the writing process simple from start to finish. The app can be found on IOS, Android, Web/desktop, and digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. Once you have a free account, you can get started on writing about the annoying employee you sit next to at work, or, if you have writer’s block, you can use Daybook’s multiple prompts for inspiration.

If you are raising your hand at this point to say that you don’t see yourself as a writer, not to worry. “The beauty of our app is that you can use it in any way you like,” Bino says. “There are plenty of people who use Daybook to keep track of what they have to do that day or to prioritize their duties at work.”

Gitto agrees. “It’s great for organizing your schoolwork, too. Everyone has different needs, so Daybook’s flexibility means it can benefit anyone, even the person who has no desire to keep a diary.”

For those who like journaling but are unsure about making the switch to writing online, Daybook has features not found in a traditional diary. The platform enables its users to write memoirs, journals, and notes in an organized and natural way. Daybook’s founders knew that many people struggle with writing down their thoughts, so they included writing prompts to get them started. The journal comes with a lock and a security code to keep it private, so it will be safe from any nosy siblings. Content and photos are saved to the cloud for free. 

Everyone is different, of course, so Daybook allows users to customize their journals. It even supports multiple fonts and themes, including dark mode for night reading. For people who prefer to use digital voice assistants, they can create, read out, and search journal entries through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. 

Do all of those options sound overwhelming? “Don’t worry,” Bino says, smiling. “While we’ve done our best to make an online journal for the tech-savvy new generation, Daybook is actually quite easy to use even with all its bells and whistles. At its heart, it’s a simple diary that can be used for multiple purposes every day.”

While much of Daybook is free, the app does offer premium content, including access to custom templates, elegant themes, and all guided journals as well as the ability to upload more photos with higher resolution. 

Daybook’s founders say the journey to start Daybook wasn’t easy, but they relied on the skills of each co-founder to get it going. They actually bootstrapped Daybook using money generated from their first startup. Their combined technical expertise includes data engineering; analytics; building and scaling mobile, web, and voice apps; security; and cloud engineering. They built the best tech stack that is scalable, and they keep adding great features to Daybook so that it’s future proof.

They have also enjoyed seeing more people become journalers. “I think people are surprised at how easy it is to get started,” Bino says. “They have visions of their high school English teacher watching over their shoulder for grammatical errors. Once the user realizes they can write anything they want and no one will ever see it, they really get going.”

Bitto agrees. “I think that once people start journaling about anything and everything, it quickly takes off. Before they know it, they’re writing in the morning and in the evening, and it becomes a vital way for them to express themselves.”

What kind of impact do they believe Daybook will have? “I think we’ll see Daybook really help those with their mental health,” Bino says. “People finally have a place where they can explore who they are without judgement and write down their innermost thoughts. That will be invaluable to a lot of people.

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