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The Modern Millionaires: The Right Skills and Mentors Equals Wild Success


Job burnout is becoming more common: over half of respondents to a recent study reported feeling dissatisfied at work. If we are honest, we have all felt that way at some point. The question is why? Why do we feel unfulfilled at work? While there is no single answer to that question, some people are burned out because they have hit a limit on both what they can do and how much they can earn at the company they work for. For these people, Abdul Samad and Chance Welton, the founders of The Modern Millionaires, have a potential solution: join the growing number of entrepreneurs who are revitalizing both their professional and personal lives by running their own digital marketing businesses.

“The Internet, as we all know, opened up a whole new frontier for us,” Abdul says. “Billions of people use it, and while it’s true that no digital marketing business will reach all of them, you have to admit it’s still a huge ocean of customers. There is no reason why your company can’t jump in and cash in on the waiting profits.”

The Modern Millionaires focuses on showing its clients how to consistently maximize those profits. “Too many digital marketing startups are only doing $10,000/month in revenue,” Chance says. “There’s a big difference between that and what they can do. With our action steps and mentorship, our clients learn how to avoid missteps and build their businesses to make seven figures each year. It is doable, and our clients are achieving it.”

For those who are interested in being their own boss but are unsure if ecommerce is for them, they will be intrigued by the fact that between 2009-2019, the industry grew from 5.6% to 16% of total retail sales in the United States. As Abdul says, “Who doesn’t believe it will continue to grow, especially after so many people went online during last year’s lockdown? This is exactly the right time for you to start your digital marketing company, and we will show you how to do it, every step of the way.”

Chance, Abdul, and their employees think that there’s an entrepreneur in all of us, one that can be successful marketing online. Chance elaborates, “Remember, we all come from entrepreneurs. The big corporations out there did not always exist. Before the Industrial Revolution, people were earning their money by farming or running their own stores. It wasn’t until these companies came that we lost our ability to decide how much money we were going to make. We ended up going to schools, which were often funded by big corporations, to get expensive degrees that led us straight to work at – you guessed it – those same corporations. We’ve bought into the idea that now is not the time to enjoy our lives. We’ll get to do that when we hit 70. This is the idea that The Modern Millionaires attacks: we show our clients that they don’t have to wait. They can start enjoying their lives right now.”

The two men know what they are talking about. Abdul is a #1 international, best-selling author and speaker, and he owns a portfolio of several seven-figure digital businesses. He’s been mentioned in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. His mindset and systems for marketing, sales, and business are known as the secret ingredient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. His unique advisory style comes with first-hand experience: he actually built his businesses without any money or contacts. What he did have was heart and innate talent. He is truly a self-made millionaire, and he now uses what he knows to help his clients take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Abdul is also the owner of Lions Digital Solutions, a company that leads its clients to exponential growth through unique, effective strategies and a focus on high-ticket sales. The business’ mission is to assist customers with scaling up their companies while simultaneously working fewer hours and having more time off. LDS’ proven formulas increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and ROI. 

Abdul’s other company, Officeless Agency, helps its clients take advantage of a recession-proof industry: online billboard ads. “They are simple to set up and take little time to manage,” he explains. “The wonderful thing about them is that they produce consistent, predictable income for you, and they can be run from anywhere, anytime. You can see why it’s becoming a very effective way to earn money and provide a good living for yourself.”

Chance is the founder and CEO of Beachwood Marketing Firm, a tech company that specializes in helping local business owners grow their revenue by acquiring high-paying customers every month. Beachwood Marketing Firm’s processes are unlike anything clients find in 99% of the market. That specialization means the company is able to generate results in the top 1%. Beachwood Marketing Firm is selective about whom it works with and partners only with businesses committed to the growth and service quality of their product or service.  

Today, while Chance, Abdul, and their team at The Modern Millionaires are enjoying the success they’ve attained, they know that it’s really about the people they serve. “We help so many people who have the drive to run an online marketing business but just aren’t sure how to do it,” Chance says. “That’s what is really gratifying – to hear stories of our clients’ success a few months later, perhaps when they go over $10,000/month for the first time. That’s when we know we’ve done our job well.”

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