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Eddie Neam Offers Music Industry Experience to New Artists


Getting into the music industry can be an extremely difficult process for new, up and coming artists. It is a business that’s reliant on connections and knowledge of the inner workings to move ahead and most of the time, people entering do not know what that they’re getting themselves into. Even if you are lucky enough to get into the industry, finding success is an entirely different beast that requires additions to your skills and knowledge. That is where Eddie Neam wants to step into help. With his years of experience working across all parts of the recording business, he hopes to help new artists find their way to the top and achieve the all-important high-level charting and certification that keeps hit artists working. 

Humble Beginnings 

For Eddie Neam, getting into the music industry started with being a professional DJ on the iHeart Radio airwaves. This led to Neam interning with major record labels and getting into producing behind the scenes with major and independent artists. “It took me 7 years to build my brand,” Neam says. “I started with nothing and what got me to where I’m at now was a handshake and a smile.” 

Creating Connections

That handshake and a smile led to several long-lasting connections that have helped Neam  continue to improve his standing in the industry to this day. “A music Executive from Def Jam Recordings once told me that teamwork makes the dream work,” Neam says. “ I couldn’t agree more with him. I love my network of friends and I wouldn’t be here without them.”

A Name Made In Music

Eddie Neam has successfully obtained gold and multi-platinum certification for his marketing and promotions of major records. Among these hit records are “Everyday We Lit” by YFN Lucci featuring PnB Rock, which was certified gold after peaking at #12 on the Billboard hip-hop charts and “Taste” by Tyga featuring Offset, which peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 in August of 2018. This includes working with Def Jam Recordings to help push records for Kanye West. Neam has also successfully pushed independent records into mediabase charts. 

Passion and a Purpose

Neam feels he’s found his passion in the music industry and he credits that passion as the reason for his current success and drive to achieve more. “Success to me is following your sole purpose in life,” he says. “Knowing who you are in this world and what you can do to create positive energy. When you feel that you are using all the tools that the universe provides and you are using it for the greater cause to bring peace to this world, then I think you’re successful.” 

Evolving With the Industry

The music industry has a lot of moving parts and Neam prides himself in being able to help artists and producers navigate the complexities of the business. It’s not just getting in a booth and recording a song that gets you a hit, even in an age where creation is easier than ever before. You can get a song trending on TikTok or use it in a popular tweet, but it’s people like Eddie Neam who will help get it on the Billboard charts and playing over radio airwaves, which still control a lot of the charting landscape of the modern music era. 

Eddie Neam put in hard work to get to where he is today and he’s not done moving up just yet. There’s still a lot that he wants to accomplish and he wants to bring new artists along for the ride by helping them make their own dreams come true. With over a decade of experience, there’s so much that he can teach them about the industry and so much that he can help them achieve. 

Photos courtesy of Peter Squicciarini from Dark Light Visuals


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