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Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy: The Art Behind the Brand


Shawny Ellsworth is an artist who has perfected her craft. Now, a licensed aesthetician and permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artist, Shawny is passionate about training the next generation. The Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy is the answer to those who are interested in the field, but don’t know where to begin. “I knew I had a gift in this art and I wanted to do more with it. I wanted to give back,” shares Shawny. The Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy is her way of giving back to others and investing in the future of her industry. Now, young aspiring artists can be trained in all the services needed to learn the art behind the Exquisite Aesthetics brand. 

Teaching the art behind the brand is Shawny’s goal and coaching others in their craft is her passion. It was this passion that birthed the Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy. “I have a passion for coaching others in this industry, and this was the perfect outlet,” she shares. In the Training Academy, students can apply for multiple courses and be trained in all the services Exquisite Aesthetics provides. Students receive quality materials and hands-on experience from licensed professionals. Currently located in Redondo Beach, CA, the Exquisite Aesthetics team has also been requested in Sacramento and Atlanta, Ga. These clients travel from all over the country to be trained in Exquisite Aesthetics’ services. “We’ve trained people to become medical tattoo artists from all over the world- in the US, China, Thailand and Jamaica.” 

The training courses cover everything from stretch-mark and scar camouflage, to brow definition, to lip blushing and tinting. The variety of services and quality of training is something you won’t find anywhere else. Students can create their own program, choosing from multiple services within a group training session or private session. “I wanted applicants to have the most flexibility in their training,” shares Shawny. “I remember how much time it required when I first got started, still working another full time job. I get it.” Shawny seeks to provide a quality of training to students that is on par with the quality of services she provides to clients.

Shawny’s students can’t praise her enough. One student said, “Your story and your work have truly been an inspiration to me. As I’m about to graduate and venture into the permanent makeup world, I can only hope to be half the woman you are.” Shawny loves receiving messages from students. “They remind me all the time that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible,” Shawny shares. Coaching has now become one of her greatest passions as she has seen hundreds come through her certification program. 

The Training Academy not only provides students with the knowledge they need, but also the supplies. Each course comes with a professional training kit, personally crafted by Shawny. “Students receive the best training and also the best products. They get everything they need for the before and after care of their future clients,” shares Shawny. Depending on the course, students may also expect to be provided with machines and the hardware needed for services. Applying and paying for courses is a breeze on the Exquisite Aesthetics website. Students can register online and pay their fees by Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle or credit card. It’s that easy! “Every time I receive a new applicant, I get excited,” shares Shawny. “I see a little bit of myself in each one. It reminds me of the first spark I had to pursue this dream. It was worth it then and it’s still worth it now.”

The Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy is a gift to young estheticians everywhere looking for a place to get started. Shawny Ellsworth has perfected her craft and is ready to mentor those who have the same passion for the industry that she does. The Exquisite Aesthetics Training Academy is the premier program, answering the call to bring excellence into the field, one student at a time. “If you have a desire for this industry, just jump in,” says founder, Shawny. “Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you keep your head down and work hard, you’ll get there. My training program is here to help.” Now, young aspiring artists can be trained in all the services needed to learn the art behind the Exquisite Aesthetics brand.  

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