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Eric Michael and Jon Suarez, Founders of Major League Profits, Make Sports Cards a Win


Sports represent some of the best parts of society.

They bring people together regardless of political backgrounds, ideological backgrounds, and so much else. There is something just pure and wholesome about people getting together, usually over food, and watching their favorite team go for a win.

The sports cards industry is a massive one with a deep history, and it represents a large untapped market of people interested in staying connected to the sports they love.

And two ambitious entrepreneurs have found a way to bring this market to life.

Eric Michael and Jon Suarez are the founders of Major League Profits. They explain that when people hear sports card selling, they, of course, start out feeling pretty skeptical. However, once people get invested, they describe the coaching program as fantasy sports meets the stock market meets sports gambling, but with a lot less risk. 

How it Works

The foundation of the program involves buying raw cards, getting them graded, and flipping them. The coaches put you in the best possible position to excel. They are there every step of the way to address all of your concerns. People often worry about investing in a coaching program. Still, clients who have been through it say that it is better to hear about the pitfalls in this business with the help of the mentoring program rather than experience them firsthand. 

One client says, “I’m aware that multiple marketing and sportscard coaches exist, and they’ll probably teach some of the basic things, but what sets MLP apart is the level of expertise and guidance they give you.”  If you join the program, Major League Profits will guide you through the process, along with a personal coach.  

Success in a New Industry

Major League Profits is a coaching program that teaches people how to make money buying and selling sports cards. “Our biggest thing is one on one coaching and mentoring people until they can become profitable,” Eric and Jon explain. “We also offer tons of inside connections into the industry that help with grading, buying, and selling sports cards.” Since 2010, the value of these cards has steadily increased, and there’s no telling how much they will continue to grow. The value has increased by 200% every year, and it is now an 80 billion dollar industry! 

Before organizing the idea into a business plan, Eric and Jon had already spent six years investing in and selling cards. One of the best things about this industry is that the sports card market is an untapped industry. This means there is virtually no competition, making someone’s chance of succeeding that much higher. The business owners made $3000 on their first day, and by the end of two months, they made a six-figure return. “We have helped people find their passion and have taught hundreds more how to create a sustainable side income,” Eric and Jon explain. “We also are the only mentorship program that is willing to guarantee ROI in the contract.”

Helping Others Succeed

Part of Eric and Jon planned to meteor and teach others in some capacity. So, once they saw their opportunity,  they had to start a coaching program to show others how they could be successful on their own in the sports card industry. By sharing everything they have learned from traveling the country and going to shows, the program has already helped over 200 entrepreneurs.

The first section of the course requires you to visit their site to learn what it takes to make your interests your full-time job. Eric and Jon are devoted to motivating and enlightening others about making it in the business world with Major League Profits. “If someone is making more money than you, that means they have skills you lack,” the owners state. “The way to acquire those skills is to either go through years of trial and error, only to still potentially not hit your goals, or invest in coaching.”


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