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Every Great Invention Comes to Innovation – Here’s A Chance to Catch the Wave


Before the Ford Model T, society had horses and carriages for getting from point A to point B. People saw what Henry Ford was building and thought it was absurd, an enormous hulk of metal and oil that would never work for the average human being in a largely rural society.

Except when they started driving…

Today, if you see someone driving a horse and carriage, you take pictures because of how novel it is; how strange it is; how old-fashioned it is in a world of a million cars.

It’s incredible how innovation works.

There is a time when every great invention, like the horse and carriage, is overtaken by innovation, as we witnessed with the introduction of the Model T.

 After 110 years of the traditional headphone, innovation in how we experience headphones is desperately overdue.

Dome headphones are the beginning of a wave of change in how people listen to music while experiencing the world around them. Their multi-patented design offers the ability to hear and experience full fidelity while allowing the ears to remain completely open.

Walking and running in a crowded city might feel nice when you’re in your world and can only hear the sound of a blazing beat or a provocative podcast, but you’re prone to hit something or someone if you’re not careful… or much worse, something (a Model T offspring perhaps) could hit you!.

Dome Audio has moved to address the danger surrounding these issues through their triple-patented, surround-sound, Bluetooth, quad bone-conduction headphones, with interchangeable noise isolation Dome Covers.  

Dome headphones offer a new option of connectivity and productivity via their open-ear listening capability. Whether this involves public commuting and travel, remote work, homeschooling, collaborative work, and the list go on, Dome’s technology is the upgrade in the listening experience the headphone industry has been yearning for decades. 

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