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Immediate Solutions Initiative: Reshaping Humanitarian Aid with Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology isn’t just saving people time and money; it might just be instrumental to saving the world. Immediate Solutions Initiative founder Ronald Khan believes that blockchain is not only changing the financial landscape of the world, but holds the potential to completely reshape the way we approach humanitarian aid from the ground up.

Blockchain’s Unique Benefits for Aid Distribution

Blockchain can be used to coordinate the distribution of aid, grow humanitarian financing, and to track information, crowdfunding, and supply chains. The distributed database component allows organizations to use blockchain to securely gather data about vulnerable populations. It’s critical that organizations keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands; using a private blockchain, it is possible to limit access to data to only approved networks. ISI plans to utilize the full potential of blockchain technology to accomplish its goal of improving the quality of human life across the globe.

$Share Coin: A New Kind of Cryptocurrency

S.H.A.RE stands for Strategic Humanitarian Aid REsponse Coin. $Share Coin is an ETH Layer 2 and Binance Smart Chain token designed by the $Share Coin Foundation to combat poverty, corruption, and economic crisis. The $Share Coin Foundation recently donated $2.5M in $Share Coin to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Fund, which the UN accepted. Founder Ronald Khan claims that the UN’s acceptance of their donation was one of the proudest moments of his career so far.

The ShareSuite Digital Dashboard

With $Share Coin and the ShareSuite dashboard, Immediate Solutions Initiative is already providing innovative technical solutions to real-world problems. ShareSuite’s digital dashboard and wallet, decentralized vendor applications, QR/SMS-based token redemption function, and wealth of other services were designed to assist humanitarian agencies at every turn. The dashboard is an extremely useful tool that can be used to dispense relief tokens and to enlist local partners and vendors, but ISI is far from finished with its mission to improve humanitarian aid.

The forthcoming $Share platform will be home to a range of crucial and convenient features, including accessible online ID documents, crowdfunding, microfinancing, donor financing, non-profit fundraisers, digital development for businesses, and many others. The Immediate Solutions team is also building the $Share V1 SDK, a blockchain development kit for businesses and developers, which will allow users to build blockchain products with greater speed and power than when working from scratch. Khan believes that “Creating our own development kit will help us build a strong community of blockchain experts.” The team also hopes that the new SDK will attract the attention of noteworthy developers who can both spread the word about the $Share platform and help to improve it. They’re planning to implement bounty programs where developers can earn $Share if they develop or fix bugs in their SDK.

The Immediate Solutions team is currently cooking up a feast of new features for their platform, such as the new Blockchain Dev Lab Dynamic DLT Merkle Chain Sharding protocols. With the introduction of these protocols, their network speed will become at least 10,000 times faster than that of Bitcoin, 100 times faster than Uniswap/Pancake Swap’s network; it will be faster than any other exchange infrastructure that currently exists.

Feel the Freedom of the Atomic Swap

As of this year, there are over $1B dollars in mirrored assets trading on different exchanges. The new $Share Atomic Swap was intended to give users the freedom they need to take part in this thriving crypto ecosystem. With the Atomic Swap, users can quickly and easily trade tokens on different blockchains. Share Coin, Ethereum, BNB, and many other tokens can be instantly traded for Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Apple, AMD, Alibaba, Tesla, S&P 500, and over sixty other assets coming soon. “mAssets” as the team calls them are $ShareXchange Mirrored Assets. These unique digital assets imitate the price behavior of their real-world counterparts. 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Humanitarian Companies

Immediate Solutions Initiative is bringing the benefits of blockchain tech to those who need it most. They hope to show the world that you can don’t have to sacrifice success to build a better future; you can do both at the same time.

Name: Immediate Solutions Initiative

Email:  team@blockchainlab.dev


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