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Actor/Influencer Beshoy Mehany Shows Hollywood His Talent


Beshoy Mehany, who will have a featured role in 2022’s Gain and is the Internet’s prankster-extraordinaire, is seeing his career kick into overdrive. After three years of working hard to entertain millions with his comedic videos in which he poses as managers and pizza delivery drivers, he is receiving feature roles in films, evidence that his hard work and talent are attracting the attention of the right people in Hollywood. As excited as he is to see doors open for him, Beshoy, who is 29 and was born on January 7, 1992, says that one of the best moments in his career has nothing to do with the big screen or TV at all – instead, it was the day he walked into his first acting class.

“I was what you might describe as an acting geek,” Beshoy remembers, grinning at the memory. “I admit it – I was ‘that guy,’ the one who sat in the front row and wrote down every word the teacher said. I knew the names of all the techniques and had my lines memorized days in advance. My peers probably raised their eyebrows at me, but what saved me was that I had a great sense of humor.”

His intense interest in acting, he explains, started when he was only nine years old. “My dad died around that time, and I remember feeling despondent, as you would expect. One night, my mom took me to my first play, probably because we both needed a break from reality. When the lights dimmed and an actor walked out onto the stage in costume, I was riveted. He was this completely different person, making me believe that it was a hundred years ago. It just looked like so much fun that I had to do it myself.”

Beshoy would go on to pursue acting in plays at his Jersey City high school, where he quickly found that he had a natural talent for acting. However, he had one problem: he was lacking the resources to really pursue it. “I had dreams of being in commercials and movies even when I was in high school,” he states. “The issue, though, is that you also need money and connections to get your big break. I had neither, and I had to figure out a way around that.”

He relied on two things he did have: boundless determination and the support from his family. “I was a bit hard-headed, I think,” he admits. “I knew the odds but refused to worry about them. I kept on going, and my parents could see that I had found what I loved to do. They helped me out along the way with advice.”

Beshoy caught his first big break when he was only eighteen years old. “I tried out for this cool reality show called Bear Swamp Recovery,” he says. “I gave my audition everything I had and waited on pins and needles to see if I would be selected. When I got the role, I floated along for days on cloud nine. I just knew this was the start of something bigger.” 

Beshoy worked hard for the TV show and learned so much from its crew and his fellow actors that he left the show convinced that acting would be the only career for him. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, honestly. When I enrolled at New Jersey Institute of Technology, I started taking all these acting courses even though they wouldn’t count towards my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I simply had to learn everything I could to become a better actor.”

In 2019, Beshoy became more strategic about his career path and decided to begin making prank videos that would be shared across social media platforms. “I knew that Hollywood is an extremely competitive industry,” he explains. “I needed to get my name out there so that a production company would notice me, so I began to put out a lot of content so I could show them what I can do. My videos received millions of hits on different platforms. I also worked as an extra in a lot of TV shows and movies to get more experience, always knowing that I was one step away from getting the one chance I was looking for.”

His strategy paid off. Beshoy was offered a feature role in Gain, and he jumped at the chance to act in a major movie. “I am so incredibly excited to be doing this,” he reveals, smiling. “It’s a new door opening for me, and you better believe I’m going to work hard. When I’m done, I’ll look for the next door to open and the next one. That is how I plan to continue to build my career and show the film world what I can do.”

For more information on actor/influencer Beshoy Mehany and to watch the videos enjoyed by millions on the Internet, please visit:

Website: www.beshoymehany.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beshoymehany/?hl=en 

IMDB: www.imdb.me/beshoymehany

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