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CEO Madison Gorn: From Mad Scientist to Marketing Queen


Do you remember what you loved to do when you were seven years old? Most of us will probably say something like play computer games or hang out with friends. Madison Gorn, the twenty-year-old owner and CEO of Maddie Girl Cosmetics and Maddie Girl Marketing, was a little different from the average kid in her neighborhood, however. While other children were out riding bikes or watching TV, Maddie was up in her bedroom, hard at work creating her cosmetics line.

“I wouldn’t say I had bombs going off, thankfully,” she laughs. “There were no mysterious smells, and the fire department was never called. I did, however, have every substance known to mankind on my table as I experimented with different combinations to see what it could make. I tried everything to make my own eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, and even nail polish. A lot of it, as you might expect for a kid, went into the trash, but I kept track of what didn’t work and tried to refine it. When I would finally create something that worked, I would run downstairs with it to show my mom, who was just happy that I wasn’t destroying her own makeup anymore.”

With that kind of enthusiasm for innovation and cosmetics, it’s not surprising that Madison founded her cosmetics company in high school. “I was really excited when I created it,” she recalls. “I had a problem, though: how was I going to bring my products to a market that was already saturated with big names?”

Undeterred, Madison turned to the Internet. “I was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other big platforms back then, so I got busy posting what I hoped was great content so that people would become aware of my cosmetics.”

It worked. Word got around that Madison was selling makeup she had created, and her sales skyrocketed. “What really helped, though, was when I was able to get a store to stock my eyeliner,” she says. “That kind of visibility meant that my customer base grew, a win for both me and the store.”

With the marketing knowledge she had gained from using the Internet to sell her products, Madison realized that she could branch out and help other businesses do the same. “It was right around the time when companies were stumbling a little as they tried to connect with more consumers,” she recalls. “The old ways of marketing just didn’t work anymore, so I decided to create Maddie Girl Marketing so that other entrepreneurs could benefit from what I had learned.”

Madison designed her company to be a one-stop shop for business owners who want to succeed in the evolving world of e-commerce and retail. “We’re pretty nimble and can easily adapt to our clients’ needs,” she says. “We’ve got the ability to create content, do podcasts, put products in stores, create NFT collections, market on social media, and a lot more.”

The biggest benefit of her job, she continues, is that she is helping to shape business leaders. “I work with a lot of people who have excellent ideas, but they need a little help getting them off the ground. I can immediately tell that they will be successful, but they need a marketing company that will position them as the leaders they truly are. We’re the gas in their engine, I guess you could say, and it makes me glad that I can use what I know to impact people in this way.”

It’s a long way from the days of putting peanut butter with egg yolks and food coloring on her face to see what would happen. “I won’t tell you what happened with that,” Madison chuckles. “All I can say about it is this: there were no pictures, and I’ve evolved since then.”

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