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Eagle Atlas co-founder Joseph Lizyness on Helping Veterans Find Their Way to Prosperity


Many businesses support specific causes; this can be a PR play, but sometimes, as in the case of Eagle Atlas, it comes from somewhere more personal and authentic, like a founder’s deep connection to the cause. Perhaps the most significant of several causes that Eagle Atlas supports is veteran care. They want to ensure that the veterans that selflessly fight for our country are adequately provided for when it’s time for them to return home. At present, veterans

Why does Eagle Atlas feel so strongly about this issue? The business was created by two veterans who understand the difficulties that veterans face in returning to civilian life.

Veterans themselves, the founders of Eagle Atlas understand the unique burden of rejoining civilian society.

Both Joseph Lizyness and his fellow Eagle Atlas co-founder, Dusty Walker, are proud veterans of the US Army. Joseph enlisted in the Army at just 18 years old. He served in the United States Army as an Intelligence Analyst from July 2005 to July 2009, during which time he also completed a 15-month deployment to Iraq. Dusty served 10 years in the Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, where he specialized in disarming improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and completed 4 tours to Jordan and Afghanistan.

When it was time to rotate home, Joseph felt as though the military could have done more to support his (and all other veterans’) transition back to civilian life. “I didn’t have much support from the military to help transition to the civilian world,” he recalls. “I didn’t know what I wanted, didn’t have connections, and started from nothing.” This is an unfortunately common plight; many veterans struggle with transitioning to the civilian world, a fact shown by the staggering number of homeless veterans living in the United States. 

Eagle Atlas is illuminating the path to success for struggling veterans.

When they created the company, founders Joseph and Dusty resolved to leverage their successes in the consultation industry to help struggling veterans reach security and success. Through donations to charities for veterans, investments in veteran-owned businesses, or any of the number of other projects they have in the works, they want to support veterans in any way they can. They want to help veterans find their footing in the civilian world and help to dispel harmful stereotypes about veterans. “We want to help end the notion that veterans end up homeless or in jail, as a large percentage do currently fall in those categories,” Joseph explains.

One of the projects that Joseph is most excited about allows them to make a direct impact on the lives of veterans transitioning to civilian life. Eagle Atlas is developing a certification program designed to teach veterans basic skills for the modern world, from the fundamentals of business and raising capital to basic programming skills.

Joseph and Dusty’s passion for helping veterans arose out of a deep and empathetic understanding of the struggles they face when coming home. For many veterans, once the uniform comes off, the way forward isn’t always clear, and a little guidance can go a long way. Eagle Atlas is also looking to organize events for veterans and active military members to find mentors and other educational or vocational opportunities to help them find success when they leave the service.

The Eagle Atlas team is giving back to their brothers-in-arms.

Joseph and Dusty are using their financial successes and business expertise to build a better world for veterans. Over the course of their careers (and the life of their company), they hope to help millions of veterans overcome adversity and reach their goals. As Joseph explains, “Sometimes real success is being able to give back and make a real impact.”

You can find Eagle Atlas on their website or on Facebook. Follow Eagle Atlas founders Joseph Lizyness (@JosephLizyness) and Dusty Walker (@bombstobusiness) on Twitter. Joseph’s articles can be found on Medium and his book, Angel Investing with $100, can be found on Amazon