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Join Royal Protocol’s Journey to the Moon and Beyond


Buckle up ROY Fam, our Liquidity Pool Game is now ready to go! We’ve always planned for our community to have a say in our growth and direction; the first step towards achieving that goal comes in the form of Royal Protocol’s LP Game. 

Stake ROY with BNB in our liquidity pool and instantly claim your place in our game. The more LP you provide, the higher you’ll score on our leaderboard. Participants can get their hands on incredible Royal Protocol swag (including physical copies of the ROY coin!) based on where they are on this board. Don’t worry if you aren’t a top ranker; this game will reward liquidity providers of all levels through a secondary system of random selection. Each week of the LP Game we will pick a random participant to receive a swag bag (for a total of 16 over the course of the event). This ensures that everyone stands a chance to win incredible prizes through our LP ladder! Royal Protocol is also giving away $1,000,000+ of GROY to those who participate, providing our backers a direct connection to the company’s decision-making process. We firmly believe that strong community involvement is the best way to strengthen Royal Protocol. That’s why Royal is giving LP pool participants a direct say in Royal Chain’s future through GROY. 

The launch is set to take place on November 15th. Come join Royal Protocol’s journey to the moon and beyond. This event marks our countdown towards a new revolution in crypto. So, get involved in our LP Game and use your rewards to claim your place in our open voting system!

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