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SolChicks Initial Dex Offering Broke Cryptocurrency World Records


SolChicks is the most anticipated play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain and has just announced several records in the lead-up to its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launch on November 26th. 

Over 50,000 Players 

More than 50,000 players participated and finished the SolChicks game demo within the first week of its release. The game ranked #1 on CoinMarketCap, #1on P2E game on Solana P2E, and as the #1 hottest NFT collection on Solanart.

SolChick’s social media accounts have seen a substantial rise in followers in the last week, succeeding the release of the game’s demo. Twitter followers increased 580%, 26k to 150k, Telegram followers, 960%, 13k to 125k, and Discord followers increased 67%, 66k to 110k. 

The game simultaneously launched on a record-breaking number of launchpads (over 30 launchpad participants, including most of the major launchpads across all blockchains). 

SolChicks Victories

SolChicks has over 328 private investors, including well-known VC’s such as Blocore, AirAngels, GoldenTree, GD10, MetaVest Capital, Spartan Group, and Master Ventures; major gaming guilds such as Yield Guild Games; key opinion leaders such as Crypto Banter and CryptoBirb; and many high profiled angels.  

The floor price of the SolChicks NFT has risen 844%, from 1.8 SOL to 17 SOL is comparable to around US $3,500 for the lowest price NFT available. Rare attribute SolChicks NFTs have sold for as much as 160 SOL or US$35,000.  

These triumphs have fixed SolChick’s position as the fastest-growing P2E game in the market. Alpha is scheduled for release in Q1 2022, and a complete game is expected to release in Q4 2022.

Solchick is a Dominant Player in Gaming

William Wu, co-founder, and CEO of SolChicks, explains, “Play-to-Earn was created to disrupt the traditional gaming sector in ways never seen before. With the backing of our strategic investors, our team is aggressive and relentless in carving out our position as the dominant player in the new era of gaming.”

Lewis Grafton, COO of SolChicks, added, “We are breaking new ground as we lead the convergence of blockchain-based gaming.” Until now, gaming has lacked the production quality of traditional games, and gaming markets have yet to adopt this new model of player-ownership and rewards.

SolChicks’ Private Fundraising 

SolChicks has raised over $20M to date from more than 300 private investors, with its public round implying a $400M fully diluted market capitalization of its $CHICKS token.

SolChicks’ Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is being conducted across more than 30 launchpads at a public price of $0.05 per token, implying a fully diluted market capitalization of $500M.

Investors who have participated in SolChicks’ private fundraising include Blocore, AirAngels, GoldenTree, GD10, MetaVest Capital, Master Ventures, Spartan Group, AU21 Sky Vision Capital, Shima Capital, MantraDAO, and Solar Eco Fund.

Launch Pads Involved in SolChicks IDO 

Launchpads involved in the SolChicks IDO include Lightning Launchpad, Trustpad, NFTPad, Samurai Cyberfi, Game Station, TruePnL Launchpad, StarTerra, GameFi, RedKite, A2DAO, PAID Ignition, PAID India, Bull Perks,  Solster, TrustSwap, MetaPlay, Oxbull, CoinxPad, Synapse, BSCLaunch, Super Launcher, Lithium, Intersola, AnyPad, Kommunitas, Matic Launch, CafeSwap, LaunchZone, Roseon Pad, PlayPad, and Multipad.

SolChicks is the Largest P2E in the Solana Ecosystem

SolChicks is the fastest growing and most extensive P2E in the Solana ecosystem, with a team of over 70 members, including a blue-chip game development team who brought to market titles such as MapleStory, PUBG, Dungeon Fighter, and Tera, and a business management team from institutions such as Wharton and McKinsey & Company.

Solchicks aims to provide the next-generation MMORPG / MOBA game in the P2E space. For more information about SolChicks, visit the website at https://www.solchicks.io/, and play our demo at https://www.solchicks.io/game-access.


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