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The Valuit Tokenization Platform is Changing the Way the World Invests


The Valuit asset tokenization platform is transforming the way the world invests in assets. At present, steep prices for coins, tokens, and other digital assets mean that most of those prospering in the crypto trade are wealthy or institutional investors. Valuit was designed to allow investors from diverse backgrounds to invest in fractions of tokens backed by real-world assets. 

The Valuit team believes that their model will create a democracy of investment by aggregating smaller investors, enabling each and every individual to invest in these asset-backed digital tokens. This new opportunity has the potential to change the lives of millions of investors trapped outside the class barrier for crypto success.

Opening the Gates for a New Wave of Investors

Visionary tech entrepreneurs Kevin Cafeo and Aren Can Coemert Bagci created Valuit to address the lack of access to assets and investments across the industry. Businesses don’t have the opportunity to liquidate their assets, and retail investors don’t have access to invest in high end assets such as real estate, artwork, cars, intellectual property, and large-scale projects. As retail investors themselves, Cafeo and Bagci resolved to find a solution that would allow people to invest in these assets.

Currently, the market is made up of hedge funds and high-income individuals. The Valuit team hopes that by offering equitable liquidation services to the asset world, they will move the power away from these brokers and give it back to the people.

A Solution for Individuals and Institutions

Valuit’s asset tokenization platform provides opportunities for individuals as well as businesses to create digital proof of real-world asset ownership through decentralized applications on Valuit’s platform. These security or asset-backed tokens are a little different from other cryptocurrency coins or tokens. They have several layers of value: the value of the underlying asset, as well as the liquid value.

Valuit secures asset tokenization by providing digital proof of asset ownership. dApps with underlying smart contracts issue asset tokens on Valuit’s blockchain network, allowing investors to invest according to their ability and diversification strategy. The platform will be available to institutional users as well as non-technical users, allowing anyone to create their own tokenization service for use on their own platform or website.

The Importance of Due Diligence in an Emerging Industry

Valuit has developed a thorough due diligence and valuation process utilizing external valuers to ensure security for the investors. It is important for investors to understand that asset tokenization is a new technology, and as such, there is a risk of scams and frauds looking to take advantage of an emerging industry. Therefore, Valuit is committed to proper due diligence of assets for tokenization, ensuring that those who trust their platform are provided with high-quality asset tokens. This enables their greater involvement in the investment process and ensures proper diversification of their investment, with secured tokens available to them at all times.

Putting the Power in the Hands of the People

Valuit believes that asset tokenization and liquidation services should be widely available and easily accessible for all investors. They hope that by expanding access to these on the Valuit platform, they can help to make the asset investment world a more equitable and lucrative area for everyone. In doing so, they just might be able to resolve the significant power imbalance in the industry, bolstering the general public’s influence and shifting control of the industry away from ultra-wealthy institutions. With their commitment to innovative solutions, the Valuit team will find a remarkable way to achieve these noble goals.

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