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MirrorWater Entertainment Makes Waves in the Film Industry


While MirrorWater Entertainment (MWE) operates globally as a film development and production company, it is based in the valley of the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitz Region. It maintains its representation in Los Angeles, California, and Bethesda, Maryland. Co-founder and CEO Christina Rose discusses Mirrorwater Entertainment and its mission. 

Telling Stories that Matter

Our company mission is to make entertainment that makes waves. Yes, it’s a business, and we want to continue growing in our industry. But if we fail to tell stories that are powerful, important, inspiring, and sometimes even uncomfortable, then I am failing. 

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t see it that way. It’s predominantly about money and power—but we have to recognize again how vital the voices of today are, and they are making an impact on our world. 

We specialize in feature films, TV shows, and documentaries for a variety of platforms. We are a family-run business working with handpicked producers who care about more than just the bottom line by fostering growth and development, honesty, and fairness. 

We believe in delivering dynamic, entertaining, educational, and authentic content. By bringing together innovative voices and fresh talent to nurture the heart and soul of the story, we abide by the 3 E’s: Entertainment, Education, & Enlightenment.

New Films

Empowered is a docuseries about six extraordinary yet down-to-earth women who are at the forefront of defining new boundaries and new opportunities. Because of their determination, they have managed to shatter glass ceilings. 

In Cancer Free Recipe, we pick up where Walking Points left off to answer specific questions: is a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet the answer to preventing cancer? Can a WFPB diet reverse the disease? Why do we know so little about it?

About Christina Rose

Christina Rose is an American-German director, producer, and screenwriter and part of the new Hollywood Movement – bringing entertainment to the global world. She has worked in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Together with her brother Michael, she co-founded MirrorWater Entertainment LLC (MWE). 

Prior to setting up a production company, Christina’s worked at prestigious companies such as Arad Productions, Exclusive Media, and in distribution at ZDF-Enterprises. Most recently, she was an executive at the European network Sky, acquiring new projects for development.

Since starting MWE, she produced documentaries and TV shows for the international market. Christina is currently stepping into the world of feature films. The daughter of a US Army Officer, she learned that discipline, dedication, and honor are key traits in developing and producing noteworthy and meaningful content. 

“If you are not proud of your accomplishments and if awards and outside recognition define you, you haven’t experienced success.” – Christina Rose

While she has had her share of learning curves and living an adventurous roller coaster life, she seeks to produce content that entertains, educates, and engages audiences. She is a thinker and wants to push others to challenge underlying assumptions in all they do. It is what pushes and motivates Christina, especially during times of crisis. Just ask her, there has been a boatload of tough days and challenges she’s had to overcome.

Next to working in the entertainment industry, Christina is currently writing a book on leadership and resilience. It is written for those starting out in the film business, or those wanting to see how others have succeeded when faced with great odds of failure. When not working on a project, she finds inspiration hiking and climbing with her dog, Shiva, in the German Bavarian Alps.For more information, visit: MirrorWater Entertainment

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