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Strategies for Marketing UCLA Off-Campus Housing


With another term at UCLA drawing to a close and the summer session approaching, student housing is inevitably being shaken up. Some students are heading home for a few months, so UCLA off-campus housing will see a lot of move-outs in the coming weeks. The switchover can be stressful for owners of off-campus UCLA student housing, as they must focus on finding new tenants. It is important, then, to know how to market student housing so that occupancy rates remain high. Below, you will find some suggestions on how to present your property in the best light so it enjoys a good reputation and you fill those apartments.

Don’t neglect to focus on what’s important to the parents: safety and cleanliness.

When you market your UCLA off-campus housing, don’t forget to appeal to the parents, who secretly want assurance that their adult children will be in good hands. Whether you are offering UCLA graduate housing or a Koreatown studio, Mom and Dad will be looking at the lighting in the parking lot, the security of the neighborhood, and the upkeep of the property. Yes, you want to offer bells and whistles, but even if you have a jacuzzi tub in every unit, your occupancy rates will go down if the basics aren’t taken care of. Parents are, after all, very often the final decision-makers, so remember to speak their language so that they feel confident about their son or daughter moving into your Koreatown apartment.

Get to know UCLA, including its traditions, calendar, and activities.

Your tenants in your UCLA off-campus housing will spend at least ⅓ of each weekday on the UCLA campus, making it a vital part of their identities. The more you can connect to their college experiences and bring them into your off-campus housing community, the more likely it will be that students hear about you. It is not necessary, of course, to develop a reputation as a party property, but staying up on the football and basketball games as well as the Spring Sing is a good way to start. It all goes towards creating that sense of extended community that can make it easier to market your off-campus student housing near UCLA.

Be sure to make excellent use of your courtyard.

To market your UCLA off-campus housing to UCLA students, don’t forget to leverage your courtyard and Los Angeles’ great weather. Invite the tenants staying in your Koreatown apartments to take a break from studying to watch a movie together or listen to music one night. You can also bring out some games like Charades or Pictionary and let everyone have some much-needed fun. Just remember to take some pictures and use them on your social media platforms, an important way to market your UCLA housing.

Cultivate a strong social media presence, one that is both fun as well as useful.

This goes beyond pictures, of course. Make use of video and take would-be tenants of your Koreatown housing on a tour. Open doors and cabinets, take them into the bathroom and bedrooms, and walk around the property. Try to get some action shots of residents playing volleyball or hanging out by the pool. Just as importantly, see if you can get some nighttime videos so that students can see what happens after dark.

You can also become the center of the UCLA community by posting important dates, upcoming guest lectures or other activities, and notices of any closures of classes. Yes, you want to remain focused on marketing your off-campus apartments as much as possible, but given who your tenants are – students – it can be beneficial to post content that they will find useful and relevant to their lives. The key is to remain consistent so that your social media presence grows.

Remember to be creative in your student housing marketing campaigns.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to marketing your UCLA off-campus housing. You can experiment with giveaways, amenities, and student ambassadors. If you stay flexible, you will find other ways to increase your occupancy rate. In the end, though, marketing your Koreatown apartments will likely be all about the fundamentals: safety, cleanliness, and reliability. 

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