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Vuzec Disrupts the Music Industry with the Power of Web3


For decades, we have all accepted without question that record labels are an integral part of the career of an artist. Who else has the power to amplify their music so that it reaches fans on the other side of the country or even the world? After all, the logic goes, name any music star and you will see a well-oiled machine behind them, one that has carefully planned their career path and is choreographing each move as the artist rises in the charts. While the industry has operated this way for years, Vuzec asks us to imagine a different scenario: what if labels aren’t needed? What if instead, fans could directly drive the success of their favorite artists and, perhaps, even make labels obsolete one day? What would this mean for the music industry and for you, the fan?

If a music industry without big-name labels sounds a little out there, stay with me as I explain what Vuzec is already doing. You will see that it is fundamentally reinventing the music world, and its vision for artists and fans is at our doorstep. 

While it is true that traditional record labels have powered the careers of many music stars, one of their biggest caveats has always been that to tap into their resources, artists have had to sign away their rights. Depending on the contract and the label, an artist can generally expect to receive between 10-50% of their sales. Even if the artist gets good terms, that’s still a significant cut to give to the labels.

Vuzec, however, decided it could do better. With one blockchain-enabled music assetization platform, it is empowering artists and collectives to be their own record label and to no longer have to sign away their rights. You can think of Vuzec as being a one-stop shop for artists who want to develop their careers through merchandise drops and IRL and virtual concerts. The company is also innovating the use of NFTs to encourage digital collectibles to bridge the gap between an artist and their fans.

If Vuzec is the silent partner who provides the platform for this power, where does the funding and support for an artist come from? Answer: you. You are now able to invest in your favorite artist and help them to grow their career.

Using the blockchain, Vuzec acts as a “crowd label,” through which artists release their music to you on all traditional streaming platforms while tokenizing their royalty streams. If you are secretly like most people and aren’t sure what that means, think of it this way: imagine you meet a really talented artist early in his career. He is just about to drop his next album, but he needs to pay his guitarist for the work he did. The artist offers you a chance to give him $600 for 5% of the royalties in his album. You agree because you think he actually stands a shot at blowing up. 

By tokenizing the royalty streams of an artist, Vuzec makes all of this possible but without you having to find this artist in real life – all while guaranteeing that the royalties get paid proportionally. 

Through Vuzec’s unique platform, you actually own parts of an album’s royalties. When you buy tokens, you are able to receive royalties that are equivalent to the percentage you own of the album. Because royalties are paid out on a recurring basis, over time you are able to receive money from the album streaming. 

Depending on how well the album performs, your investment can be paid back quickly or slowly. Any potential revenue that may come in after having covered the initial investment is profit. You are also able to sell the token on the market if you no longer wish to hold it. Depending on the value of the album, the token price may have appreciated or depreciated since you purchased the token.

The perks for fans go beyond profits. If you own an artist’s token, you may be entitled to watch the artist make music in their studio over Discord, enjoy meet-and-greets, receive discounted rates on tickets and merchandise, and more. Vuzec is ultimately trying to strengthen the existing community of an artist by having them interact with their fans more frequently through in-person and virtual events. It is all connected to the potential benefits of purchasing and owning an artist’s tokens and NFTs. 

This is the new age of music, and it is why you should be paying attention. Vuzec has already onboarded dozens of artists, including two DJs from Dim Mak Records and 1331 Recordz’ Shontelle Layne.

So, you now have a choice to make: will you passively support your favorite artist by streaming music, buying concert tickets, and engaging with them on social media? Or, will you invest in their work directly and actually hold a stake in their career?

The choice is yours, but remember: you are already supporting an artist anyway. Why not take that relationship to a new level and see what happens when you invest in their career through Vuzec?

Vuzec is an online platform for musical artists at all stages of their careers. It is using cutting-edge technology to strengthen the relationships between artists and their fans. On June 22, 2022, fans will get their first chance to see a reimagined music world when some of Vuzec’s artists perform at the community-driven Web3 Music Showcase by wavWRLD in New York City. A week later on June 30-July 1, fans will experience the power of Vuzec and the Metaverse at a two-day concert at the Celestial Music and NFT Festival, where fifteen artists will perform live.  

To be part of the new future of the music industry, be sure to drop by Vuzec’s website, where you can sign up for the company’s mailing list and receive a free ticket to the Celestial Music and NFT Festival. Remember to follow Vuzec on Instagram and Twitter so you can keep up with how it is revolutionizing the artist/fan relationship.