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Dynasty 11 Gaming Social Media App Player 2 Enters Alpha Testing


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania– Dynasty 11, a gaming and app developer, has shed light on the development of Player 2, an upcoming team-building and social media application for gamers seeking to build connections with other players. Reports say that the project has reached alpha testing, and should be in its beta phase by the fourth quarter of this year. Player 2 will connect gamers to link in co-op modes on different gaming platforms, share gaming history, and instant message one another, and shows promise to be one of the most comprehensive gamer companion apps on the market. 

Dynasty 11 has been in the industry since 2016, and its primary focus is companion apps that enhance gaming experiences across platforms. Dynasty 11 develops content for different mediums as well, building apps for players on tabletop games as well as video games. The company is focused on providing a new experience for gamers that address the industry’s most common issues. The development team hopes Player 2 will help facilitate more positive interaction on gaming platforms and more goodwill between gamers. Whether connecting with friends from school or work or with players across the country, Player 2 gives gamers the social environment they need.

Player 2 will boast a variety of features for players on any game and any platform. Whether you’re playing a first-person shooter, a fighting game, or a roleplaying game, the app provides a variety of ways to connect with fellow gamers. Features include;

  • Compatibility Matchmaking – a preference-driven process that allows gamers to connect with potential teammates with similar gaming interests and experience levels.
  • Playgrounds – an instant messaging and message board platform to provide support for gamers, developers, streamers, and media outlets alike
  • LFG (“Looking for Group,”) – a quick user search to find teammates for immediate activities. 
  • Game Hub –  a page where players can scroll through their favorite gaming content. 
  • Player Card – an in-app scorecard using information obtained through connecting with your existing game profiles to help share both your gaming history and your personality.
  • Built-in Arcade Games 

The heart of Dynasty 11’s approach is creating the fullest experience for gamers across platforms and new avenues to solving issues both in the industry and the culture. Gaming spaces have been rife with controversy surrounding toxicity in different forms, from lack of inclusion in the field to negative online interactions between players. The team is hoping the success of Player 2 will allow gamers to interact more positively, and find more joy in the community regardless of their specific interest.

Dynasty 11 Studios is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based video game and app development company. Comprised of an enthusiastic team of ambitious, uniquely talented, and highly collaborative professionals, we endeavor to make the gaming industry more inclusive and opportunistic through our social networking and team-building app, Player 2. Dynasty 11 has other goal is to develop products that solve gaming’s greatest problems,  deliver unrivaled entertainment, & challenge existing conventions of game design.

To learn more, visit  player2app.com or dynasty11.com