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Wildlife Sojourns is Excited to Serve American Public After Overseas Success


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Wildlife Sojourns offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience in wildlife safari, and is now offering their services to Americans from their first US-based office in North Carolina. Started by Bhasmang Mehta, a wildlife photographer with a deep passion and strong industry connections, the safari/travel company is excited for the wave of clients anticipated in the coming year. A lull in the travel industry leads consumers to come back in full force as the year progresses.

A Variety of Safari Spots to Explore

Wildlife Sojourns boasts a variety of wildlife safari packages that offer diverse experiences and adventures exploring the natural environments and most beautiful regions of India. From Royal Bengal Tiger at Sunderbans, to the Gir lions in Gujarat, to the leopards in action in the wilderness of Jawai Hills, India has a lot to offer to wildlife enthusiasts. At Wildlife Sojourns, Bhasmang and Zankhana Mehta have curated the best wildlife safaris in India to bring you close to nature.

After more than a decade of capturing wildlife photography in India, Wildlife Sojourns has a wealth of experience and established connections with some of the best forest guides in the country. With a combination of great resources, knowledge, and experience, Wildlife Sojourns offers an experience and an interaction with the natural world that is nothing short of memorable.

Wildlife Photographers Bhasmang & Zankhana Mehta

Founders of Wildlife Sojourns, spouses Bhasmang and Zankhana Mehta

Bhasmang Mehta was born in India to a family of doctors and industrialists, Bhasmang decided to go down the less-traveled path. An avid photographer since he was a child, he has a wealth of experience taking wildlife expeditions, and capturing nature in its prime moments on his camera.

Zankhana is co-founder of Wildlife Sojourns and an eager filmmaker who has made some notable short films on the wildlife of India. While Big cats have been her favorite subjects to capture on the lens, she has also done some notable works on butterflies.

Bhasmang and Zankhana discovered their mutual love for wildlife and wildlife photography in 2002 on their maiden trip to Gir National Park. Since then, the two have extensively explored the wildlife sanctuaries of India. In 2017, Bhasmang decided to share the experience of wildlife safaris with the rest of the world and thus Wildlife Sojourns was born. As equal partners, both Bhasmang and Zankhana oversee the operations of Wildlife Sojourns.

Rave Reviews From Clients

Customers of Wildlife Sojourns often praise it for the high standard of hospitality, as well as the attention to detail Wildlife Sojourn provides. “I did join Wildlife Sojourns on the Ranthambore trip. It was a fantastic experience! We had good sightings of tigers and also everything else was planned very well. The guides were very knowledgeable. I look forward to more trips with them soon!” With deep knowledge and lifelong experience with safari, it’s unsurprising that the Mehta’s regularly wow customers with their familiarity with the environment.

Choose Wildlife Sojourns for Your Next Wildlife Safari

While their customer service is unmatched, Wildlife Sojourns boasts strengths in knowledge, experience, and industry connections that help make their trips unforgettable. As travel slowly makes a comeback in 2022, in the aftermath of the pandemic, Wildlife Sojourns offers a one-of-a-kind travel and safari experience to their clients that promises to be filled with adventure and fun. Wildlife Sojourns curates and plans the best wildlife excursions to India for tourists and travelers hoping to get the best out of their trip. 

Born in India to a family of doctors and industrialists, Bhasmang decided to go down the less traveled path. An avid photographer from a very young age, he has been on countless wildlife expeditions, capturing the wild side of nature on his camera. In 2017, he decided to share his experience of wildlife safaris with the rest of the world, and thus Wildlife Sojourns was born. A resident of North Carolina now, with strong ties to his friends and family back home, his wildlife photos have been published in prestigious magazines such as Lonely Planet and Frontline. He has also contributed several works to the renowned Bombay Natural History Society. He regularly holds workshops on wildlife photography for enthusiasts, to teach them the nuances of the field.

For more information, visit wildlifesojourns.com or contact Bhasmang Mehta at info@wildlifesojourns.com or connect with him on Instagram @bhasmangmehta